Our guests must do just one thing: feel at home.

Under no circumstances should they start the morning looking at the clock, wondering if they will get to the breakfast buffet on time.

Enjoy and relax – that’s the motto in Hotel Goliath. For this reason we offer our guests breakfast service around the clock, in their room, or if desired on the Mediterranean roof terrace.

Cafe & Bar im Goliath
Enjoying Café Life

The best coffee is of course a matter of taste. The same is true of delicacies from the pastry shop.

What is your preference in matters of coffee and sweet pastries? Choose whatever your heart desires in our cafe.

The day passes…

Another atmosphere, other conversations, another time.

Both guests and Regensburg locals enjoy meeting in the hotel bar. Not typical for a hotel bar, yet typical for the Goliath am Dom.


Bischofshof am Dom
My preference… Traditional

Dining in the Restaurant Bischofshof is like experiencing history. Kaisers and kings were fascinated by the culinary pleasures that came from the kitchens of the Bischofshof.

Today, the traditional recipes are being constantly refined to tickle the palates of today’s guests.